I do not claim to heal anyone.  I use techniques that help you connect with your own Divinity as I support you in allowing the healing to happen.


Many years ago, while having a minor procedure in a doctor’s office, I suddenly, without warning found myself out of my body and  in the presence of what I refer to as God, or Divine Love.  During this Near Death Experience I was given this message and asked to share it:

       I Love you
         You are safe
        Be at peace
         Don’t be in a hurry
         Time is irrelevant
         Love yourself
          Love is all that matters
                            You can have anything you want, just ask
           Tell everyone I love them
          Don’t stop trying
         They will hear you
         They will hear ME
         Love is all that matters
       Love is all I see

During this experience I vowed to “be” that love that I was experiencing. A few months later I was Divinely guided to a Hypnotherapy School that would teach me a method that I could use to help  others experience this Divine Intelligence, that flows through and loves all of it’s creations equally, without judgement.  This profound, loving presence is aware of   us individually and has a compassion for us that goes beyond human comprehension.
My name is Mary Avila.  I have been a  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, since 1998. I am also a Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive. I have enjoyed helping people from all walks of life connect with the Divine, heal hurts and traumas and achieve their Soul’s purpose. If you  would like to experience your own, deeper, personal connection with your Divine Creator,  from the comfort of your own home please contact me.